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Better Buildings for a Better World

Kingspan is driven by a belief that advanced materials and methods of construction hold the answer to some of the great challenges that our planet and society face. From products that insulate better while creating more internal space, to those that harness more natural daylight, we are dedicated to extending the limits of ultra-performance envelope design with a core focus on energy efficiency.

Enabling Efficiency

We have created advanced products for architects and building owners which enable them to construct buildings that consume less resources, both through their construction and through their operation. Future proofing investment, generating returns through enhanced internal space and operational performance, and facilitating efficient construction through thinner, lighter and safer to handle materials.


Leading the way

Kingspan’s innovative insulation solutions such as QuadCore™, Kooltherm® and OptimR® are at the forefront of thermal performance. Allowing for significant space savings in new build and renovation, as well as offering superior thermal performance for the building’s lifetime.


QuadCore™ Technology

Kingspan’s QuadCore™ insulated panel technology delivers the highest performance of any closed cell insulation core across four factors: fire, thermal, environmental and longevity.


Future Innovation

Kingspan’s future innovation agenda is driven by enhancing and complementing our portfolio of products to further advance building envelope performance, at the construction, operation and end-of-life stage.

We do this by improving the thermal performance and energy efficiency of our products, by harnessing the power of nature both through our products and in our manufacturing, and by delivering on our ambitious 10-year Planet Passionate Programme.

We will compliment this offering through the ongoing digitalisation of our offering, enabling a golden thread of building design and construction information for all buildings of the future.




Kingspan’s Day-Lite Kapture

Kingspan’s award winning Day-Lite Kapture

Save on energy bills by maximising natural light indoors.

Offers exceptional levels of light transmission with 100% diffusion.

100% UV Resistant.

Can be adapted to become a vented skylight for smoke and heat extraction.

Compliant with European Daylighting
Guidelines and BREEAM H01 Visual comfort requirements.

Pre-glazed, ready for installation.

Kingspan’s PowerPanel® will launch in 2021

Guaranteed energy efficiency and thermal performance through our advanced QuadCore™ insulated roof panel solutions providing operational energy savings of up to 30%.

Generating clean, renewable energy through our fully integrated high-efficiency monocrystalline PV technology.

Futureproof your investment / asset with an integrated ‘Plug & Play’ PV solution.

ROI of 10 years.

Contributes to BREEAM points system helping achieve A+ rating.


Kingspan’s PowerPanel®

Constructing a Digital Future

Kingspan understands that the future is digital. That goes for all industries, including the construction industry. Digitalisation can bring significant advances to the industry - improved engagement with customers, increased efficiencies in design and build, and it will enable a single source of truth for product and design information.

Learn more from Kingspan’s Director of Digital and Brand, Louise Foody


Building Better

Strategic Pillar


Planet Passionate

Launched in December 2019, Planet Passionate is our ambitious 10-year global sustainability programme where we have set ourselves hard targets to progress our positive impact on three global issues: climate change, circularity and the protection of our natural world.

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Strategic Pillar



Kingspan continues to expand globally bringing ultra-performance building envelope solutions to markets which are at an earlier stage in their evolution to sustainable and efficient methods of construction.

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Strategic Pillar


Completing the Envelope

In 2016, Kingspan outlined its ambition to “Complete the Envelope”. This strategy identified key product categories which complemented our building envelope solutions through improving energy efficiency and harnessing the power of nature. The product categories identified at that time were natural daylighting and natural ventilation; industrial and technical insulation; and roofing membrane.

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